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Pony Express Relay Station 2009

Blogathon 2009 is done.. at least the LIVE portion... the stories and other fun are still posted.. please stop in and make comments :)

and we're still accepting donations until Friday August 7, 2009

Because Live Journal posts the newest post on the top, we thought we'd TRY to make it easy on you... if you're joining us in the MIDDLE of the thon... or rather anything AFTER the start... it might be a bit confusing to keep things straight....

so, here is our 'bright' idea...

First Section - Starting Out!
We suggest you read these posts first, so you know what you're lookin' at
What are we doing this for?
A Video from the Charity
Auctions on Ebay!
DONATION information, Our GOAL, our Drawing.
Blogathon Donation Information
How to post a Response if I'm NOT a live-journal member

Onto the Show...
Opening Post
Roll Call
Horse - Goose
FF: Merry Chase
Production Documents
FF: Bulldog's Little Sister
A to Z story
FF: The Heat is On
Video: Lift Me Up
Rachel's Story about her horse and Lifesavers!
FF:Shotgun Wedding
Games: Episode Scramble
FF: Day's Past
Horse: Tasha
FF: Resolutions
VID: Busted
FF: Protecting Belle
Production Documents
Lady in Red
Mad Libs: Words
Mad Libs: Story
Poems by: Georgia
HORSE: CarrieDann
FF: Whiling Away
VID: I'm Only Me When I'm with You
FF: Parting is Such...
FF: Crossroads
GAME: Town Game
FF: Willow Weep for Me
Production Documents
Face the Fire
VID: Nothin But A Good Time
Horses - Sope>
FF: A Moment's Time
Episode Scramble 2
Cowboys and Angels
Horse: Topaz
Mid Way Post
FF: Haunted
VID: Wild West Show
Production Documents
Mad Lib 2: Words
Mad Lib 2: Story
Down the Road
VID: Playing With the Boys
FF: Face to the Sun
Production Documents
FF:All In a Day's Work
Guest Star Match-up
Horse: Bethlehem
FF: Heart on the Run
FF: The Real Thing
FF: Don't Mess Around With Me
VID: I Can Be Your Hero
FF:If 'ya Can't Be Good...
Mad Lib 3: Word List
Mad Lib 3: The Song
FF: What Was he Thinking?


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Aug. 1st, 2009 10:08 am (UTC)
Halfway through! Well done Miss Raye. Its been a well done event, again!
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