Young Riders Fandom Fundraiser - 07/31/09-08/01/09

Raising Money for Wild Horse Rescue - 24 hours of bloggin for a great cause!

19 February
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This journal is my blogspace for Blogathon.

The theme here is "The Young Riders". The Young Riders was a three season family drama show on ABC TV back in 1989-1992. Staring actors such as: Josh Brolin, Anthony Zerbe, Melissa Leo, Stephen Baldwin... it took us into the lives of Pony Express riders as they rode across American and into our hearts.

A very dear friend of mine has done this for three years and I've finally given in to give it a try... so I'm enlisting the aid of friends and other fans to help make this a success.

Here's the info ladies and gents:

I will start at 12noon(hawaii time)/6pm(east coast time) on July 31, 2009... and I will be updating this journal every 15-30 minutes for 24 hours straight!

if you're NOT sure when that translates to in YOUR time zone... check this page please CLICK HERE TO SEE TIME ZONES

Information on donating and the charity itself are on the blog... so, go! READ! DONATE!

So what will you find here during those 24 hours? There will be lots of fanfic. Fun. and general craziness.

More information on the introductory post.